MEC & AET cool skyscrapers worldwide

MEC Components regulate climate control in AET-projects all over the world – from Malaysia to the United Kingdom




MEC develops control systems for HVAC technology for and with market leaders



We manufacture functional modules that provide Plug&Play functionality to the customer


System Integration

We bridge the gap between sensors, control systems and hardware and bring Next-Gen technology to the market

Betreuung von TÜV- oder EMV-Prüfungen

Management of TÜV- or EMV-certifications

We support our customers in third-party certification proceedings and help them bring their project to a successful close

Intelligent Solutions:
Hard- and Software perfectly in tune.

There are many ways to combine control systems, communication and visualisation. In the end, a client is only interested in one kind of solution: The one that works best for their individual specifications.

Since 1979 MEC electronics has developed into the prime partner for tailor-made hard- and software solutions. This know-how that was acquired from more than 35 successful years on the market allows us to combine engineering, sensor technology and control systems in individual concepts.

This approach to the needs of our clients has garnered us the award for the “Best Startup” and the innovation award “Mercur”. Our own patents and our ISO-9001-certification are hallmarks for our sustained drive for the highest quality possible.

As unique as you:
Because each challenge is different.

All MEC-Solution have one thing in common: They provide a tangible benefit to our customers. By continuing ideas we do not only fulfill project requirements, but often initiate the next step in the evolution of a company.

If our technology keeps Google’s servers cool, keeps an arabian date plantation thriving through optimal irrigation as well as ensuring that thousands of households are reliably heated in winter, we help our customers save time, money and irritation.

Through reliable systems communication and efficient energy usage we also help protect the environment. With each mutual project – thanks to you – the green economy grows sustainably.

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