Visualization of remote administration, remote control, alert-management

Wherever control, regulation and supervision are required, a management system typically provides the human-machine interface.

An image is worth more than a thousand words…

When complex systems and processes have to be visually supervised, either via internet or through an intranet two requirements have to be fulfilled:

  • The graphical representation must be very responsive and be able to translate status changes into graphical information immediately.
  • The application should run on any PC with a browser and that is connected to the LAN or internet.

  • We create individual solutions with interfaces to existing systems.
  • For optimal usability we create unified user interfaces that provide access to all relevant information and applications.
  • MECweblink is used for data visualisation as well as alert management. It supports our MECnet protocol (RS422)
  • With MECweblink users can visualise these processes at any computer via the internet.
  • The advantages are easy and secure handling of devices as well as the location-independent use
  • When there is an alert the user is informed through the web-interface as well as per email
  • Simple and economical system through the usage of off-the-shelf components
  • Simple and economical data transfer through a MODEM (analog, ISDN, GSM) on the serial port of the control unit
  • Privacy secured data transmission between control unit and internet WEB-server
    • Remote administration from any PC with internet access, password / code / PIN
    • no additional software required (only a browser, e.g. Internet Explorer)
  • Data processing on the server enables easy extension of the entire system



Our Application Designer is a versatile graphical system to create MEC-Microcontroller Applications.

  • Configurable Assignment of Keys – The MEC Application Builder allows configurable assignment of keys for the user interface
  • Multi-Language – Naturally we support most European languages as well as Chinese and Japanese.
  • Display Designer – Create your own layouts for your display unit
  • Control Designer – Graphical programming language adhering to IEC 61131 for the control of processes
  • Function-Block Library – Premade elements for rapid development
  • Comfortable Debugging System –  helps with checking functionality.